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Somehow you ended up on the Como Brew website.  If you do not like good beer, please leave now.

Still here?  Alright, let's get started!

This site will act as a kid of roadmap of my brewing experience.  Every beer that I brew will be included here along with the recipes used (in most cases).  If you try any of the recipes and have success please feel free to contact me to let me know about it.  Enjoy! 

Upcoming Brews

Nothing is brewing at the moment. Please check back soon!

About Como Brew

Como Brew started when I got a home brewing starter kit for my birthday a few years ago.  Since then I have been going strong producing a number of different brews each year. 

So far, my preferred brews are high gravity, high alcohol beers that pack a good wallop.  Most of these have been strong Belgian-style ales, but I also have a fascination with Barleywines.  Have two of these beers for a nice mellow buzz, have three and the consequences are beyond my control.

I plan to continue my brew experimentation in the future and am always happy to share and get feedback from anyone who cares to try a Como Brew.  Check out the "Brews" page to see some of the beers I have produced so far and what is coming in the future.  If you have tried any of the listed brews please feel free to share your comments and ratings.

Thanks and happy drinking!