Hop_Hurricane Double IPA

 I bought all of the ingredients for this one on a day where there was actually a hurricane passing over the area, which around here just means really heavy rain), hence the name.  I tried to use a continual hopping method similar to Dogfishhead for this and it turned out nicely.  It was a little dark for an IPA since I was doing extract brewing, but it still tasted great!  

Brew Recipe

5 Gallons  -  Extract

OG: 1.064         FG: 1.018

Alcohol by Volume: 6.03 %


14 (HCU)

9.8 (SRM)

Specialty Grains
  • Crystal 30L - American   (1 pounds)
  • Light Muntons - English   (8 pounds)  60 min
Mash Schedule

Strike Water: 0 gallons (0.00 quarts)
Sparge Water: 0 gallons (0.00 quarts)
Total Water: 0 gallons (0.00 quarts)

Hop Additions
  • Glacier Pellet  (1oz.)  120 min
  • Vanguard Pellet  (1oz.)  90 min
  • Glacier Pellet  (1oz.)  90 min
  • Vanguard Pellet  (1oz.)  Dry Hop
  • Cascade Argentine Pellet  (0.5oz.)  Dry Hop
Boil Additions
  • Gypsum  (2 tsp)  90 min
  • Irish Moss  (1 tbs)  15 min
  • Safale US-05 - American Ale Yeast (Dry)
Priming Solution
  • Corn Sugar  (5 ounces)
Hop_Hurricane Double IPA

Primary Fermentation: 5 days
Secondary Fermentation: 3.2 weeks (23 days)
Bottle Conditioning: 6 weeks (42 days)
Total Aging Time: 2.3 months (70 days)

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Brewing Notes

 Added 1oz of Vanguard & 1oz of Glacier Hops a little bit at a time (about every 7 - 10 minutes)  starting with about 90 minutes left in the boil.

Tasting Notes

 Great hop flavor, but could have been even hoppier.

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