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Como Brews

Below you will find a listing of the various beers that I have brewed.  If you have tasted any of them please feel free to share your rating and comments.

You will also find recipe information for most of them just in case you want to try to make one of these on your own.

None More Black

None More Black Black IPA

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Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice Holiday Ale

 Gingerbread Holiday Ale

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Love & Rage

Love & Rage Belgian Dubbel

Mischief Brew 2016 - Roasted Fig & Anise Dubbel 

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Hop Como

Hop Como Imperial IPA

All fresh Como-grown hops used for flavor and aroma in this monster IPA.  Aged for 77 days because thats punk-rock.

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Comeback Belgian Tripel

Oaked Tripel - this is the first beer that I have brewed after taking an almost 2-year hiatus following an unexpected brain surgery.  The beer will be aged using oak chips soaked in whiskey that was itself aged in my mini-barrell gifted to me by my family last year.

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Zombie Portal

Zombie Portal Barleywine

Inspired by the Scottish barleywine Skullsplitter, this was brewed in the summer of 2013.  Then, while it was fermenting, I had some health issues that resulted in an unexpected brain surgery.  The new joke was that I now had a Zombie Portal in in my head due to the new hole in my skull.  So, here you go... the beer that fermented while my head was split... Zombie Portal. 

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Homer's Revenge

Homer's Revenge Maibock

Inspired by Rouge Dead Guy ale

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Dude Belgian Strong Dark Ale

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown English Brown Ale

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Diablo Belgian Tripel

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Angry Scottsman

Angry Scottsman Scotch Ale

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Buddy's BBDS

Buddy's BBDS Saison

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Bad Mofo

Bad Mofo Black IPA

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Dethpsicable Belgian Dubbel

Kwak Clone - all grain

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Delirium Como

Delirium Como Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Delirium Tremens Clone

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Firefly Belgian IPA

Anothert attempt at one of my favorite new beer styles. Insane hop amounts balanced with sweet Belgian yeast.  Yum.

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Bi-Polar India Pale Ale

I think I am going to split this batch in two.  1/2 will be a regular old IPA and the other 1/2 will be a sour IPA with bret added to it.

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Cannon Ball!

Cannon Ball! Saison

Brewed my first Saison for the summer of 2011.

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Mischief Brew

Mischief Brew Olde Ale

My first experimentation with the mysterious wild yeast that was likely found in the casks (barrels) that were used to store and transport ales in the days of yore.  A true "Old Ale"... strong and malty with a mischievous sourness derived from the wild yeast added durring fermentation.

What better brew to name after a friends band?

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Aftershock Ale

Aftershock Ale English Bitter

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Spider Pig

Spider Pig Porter

Vegetatians steer clear, there's bacon in this beer!

Start with a strong porter, then add some smoke, then maybe a little oak.  Hmm... what else can I add?  I know... BACON!  Mmmmmmm... bacon.


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Over The Line

Over The Line Belgian Dubbel

Modified Maredsous recipe adding applewood smoked malt and raisins.

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Shark Attack!

Shark Attack! Scottish Red Ale

MacQueen's Nessie Clone - brewed while watchin "Ultimate Air Jaws" on the first night Discovery's Shark Week 2010.

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Nihilist Belgian Tripel

Westmalle Tripel Clone

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Corrupt Ale

Corrupt Ale Barleywine

Everything in excess!  Brewed to celebrate the Corrupt Justin reunion 13 years in the making.  Drink a few of these and go a hippy killin'... or just lay down and take a nap.  Coming in August, 2010.

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Wildcard Belgian Tripel IPA

You got Tripel in my IPA.  No, you got IPA in my Tripel.  Well, you're both right (i'm such a beer nerd). This beer is a clash of the two styles...  a pale strong abbey ale carpet-bombed with American and continental hops.  Yum!

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Stubborn Bitch

Stubborn Bitch Belgian Quadruple

This beer protested being brewed at every step of the process and made my brewing night a living nightmare, but I think the results will be worthwhile.

The decision to brew it was completely spontanious.  I had a Belgian Strong Dark on my mind for a few months, then I was out to lunch at my neighborhood brewery and my friendly neighborhood brewer told me about the Rochfort yeast strain that he had on hand.  A few hours later I showed up with an empty jar and a 6-pack of ComoBrew and said,  "Will trade beer for yeast". 

Thus, this homage to Rochfort 10 was born. 

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Olde Blizzo

Olde Blizzo Barleywine

Brewed the night after the first phase of the blizzard of 2010, this is be a big honkin' barleywine.  Lots of malt, lots of hops, and lots of alcohol.  This will also be a test of patience as I am not planning on "releasing" it until December 2010.

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The Reason

The Reason Dry Irish Stout

Ever wonder why the Irish don't rule the world?  Meet The Reason.

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Hopicide Imperial IPA

Over 1 pound of hops... need I say more?  Sure, I'll say more. 

If you serve this beer to a Bud drinker, he or she will cry. If life were a 1950s horror flick, this beer would climb out of the fermenter and turn on its master. Your dentist does not want you to brew or drink this beer. Sorry in advance about your tooth enamel.

Thanks to Northern Brewer for this recipe!

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Bruiser Belgian IPA

Lucky #21!  I got this recipe from my friendly neighborhood brewer as a hoppy birthday present.  Had to make adjustments due to the materials I could get.  If it is anything close to the one they had on tap a few months ago I will be very happy.  Hoping to have this one ready for Christmas this year.

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The Donk

The Donk Belgian Brown Ale

This one should be a nice, easy going Belgian brown ale.  Based on a Corsendonk clone recipe.

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Hoppy Trails

Hoppy Trails English ESB

This should be like a regular English bitter on crack.  Maltier, hoppier, and a little more alcohol.  That being said, this one is going to be the weakest (alcohol wise) of the 2009 holiday brews.  A beer that you can have a few of without falling over.

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Ho Ho D'oh!

Ho Ho D'oh! Belgian Holiday Ale

This recipe is based on a Affligem Noel Christmas Ale clone and will have a nice, warming cinnamon flavor for the 2009 holidays. 

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XXX Belgian Tripel

Based on the Brugse Tripel from Belgium this one should really get the holiday parties going. 

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Willie's Wee Heavy

Willie's Wee Heavy Scottish Wee Heavy

The strongest of the Scottish Ales, wee heavies have a garnet-brown color, big malty flavor, and high alcohol content.  Best consumed in small doses.

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The Bourbonator

The Bourbonator Barleywine

This is going to be a big one!  Lots of malt, lots of hops, and bourbon/oak flavoring to add to the mixture.  Put the kids to bed before cracking one of these open.

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Abide Belgian Quadruple

This is a Belgian-Style String Dark Ale brewed in the Trappist fashion.  It is a dangerous beer that seems to be much lighter than it actually is.  It is high in alcohol and the flavor contains hints of peppery alcohol, spicy cloves, rum-raisin, and carmelized figs.

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Daffys Revenge

Daffys Revenge Belgian Dubbel

I found this Kwak Clone recipe in an online search.  I was very happy with the results.  I think this is the best Dubbel I have made to date. 

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Evil Monkey

Evil Monkey Belgian Tripel

This beer is very high gravity, alcohol, and body, and should be approached with caution.  Unlike many other beers with similar gravity, tripels are relatively light in color, resembling many light amber pale-ales.

Unlike the pale ales that it resembles, this beer really packs a punch.  If you drink too many of them you may start seeing Evil Monkeys coming out of your closet. 

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Deceiver Belgian Strong Golden Ale

This was originally intended to be a Duvel clone, but it was not quite as close as I was expecting so it became a beast of it's own.

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Family Values

Family Values Bourbon Porter

The intense aroma abd flavor of toasted oak and the sweet graininess of good bourbon meld with the bitter sweet porter flavor to make a very rich beer.

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St. Lebowski

St. Lebowski Belgian Dubbel

This is an authentic Abbey style ale like those brewed in Trappist monasteries in Belgium.  It is dark in color and high in alcohol.

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Hop_Hurricane Double IPA

 I bought all of the ingredients for this one on a day where there was actually a hurricane passing over the area, which around here just means really heavy rain), hence the name.  I tried to use a continual hopping method similar to Dogfishhead for this and it turned out nicely.  It was a little dark for an IPA since I was doing extract brewing, but it still tasted great!  

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Fat Bottom

Fat Bottom Holiday Ale

Brewed for Christmas of 2008.  Nice ginger flavor and light on carbonation. 

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Trifecta Barleywine

This is my first attempt at a Barleywine.  It is a nice, srong ale that I aged for a decent amount of time.

It was brewed shortly after we found out our third child was on the way.  I decieded that no one would be able to taste it until aftet #3 arrived.  It would be our celebration ale. 

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Oktoberfest Octoberfest

Oktoberfest style beer brewed to be ready in time for Oktoberfest 2008.

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Full Moon

Full Moon Stout

The last "Brewer's Best" extract kit that I brewed.  Came out pretty good, though a bit more bitter that I would have liked. 

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Union Street

Union Street Porter

I needed to round out my first holiday sampler with something dark.

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Peter Pantsless

Peter Pantsless India Pale Ale

2nd beer I brewed.  Had it ready for Christmas 2007. 

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Sexy Beast

Sexy Beast Wheat Beer

This is the first beer that i ever brewed and it was pretty decent for a first attempt.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Oatmeal Stout

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Belgian Tripel

Kasteel Tripel Clone

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Lindeman's Clone

Lindeman's Clone Belgian Lambic

Lindeman's Lambic Clone

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Burbon Porter Redux

Burbon Porter Redux Porter

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Burbon Porter Redux

Burbon Porter Redux Porter

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